Sports Guard

Sports Guard

Sports Guard

Contact sports, such as football or hockey, place you at a higher risk of dental harm, which is why we urge that you always wear a mouthguard when playing. Mouthguards protect your teeth by placing a protective layer over them when you play contact sports. That way, if you were hit in the face, your teeth will still be intact. Because both contact sports and teeth grinding put you at risk for tooth fractures and other oral health issues, you should consult with our dentist at Bell Dental Care about acquiring a teeth guard that works for you.

What Are Mouthguards?

During sports, mouthguards are worn across the top row of teeth to assist avoid oral injuries. They guard against broken teeth, damaged lips, and other mouth injuries. If your athlete has braces or fixed dental appliances on the lower jaw, the dentist may advise him or her to wear a mouthguard to protect these teeth as well. Mouthguards are required sporting equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves falls, body contact, or flying equipment. This advice applies to team sports including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey. A mouthguard is also required if your child participates in skating, gymnastics, mountain biking, or any other strenuous activity that could result in a mouth injury.

How Sports Guards Aid in the Prevention of Impact Injuries?

Nothing disrupts a game more than the need for an emergency dentist. If you participate in a contact sport, you should consult with our dentist about acquiring a fitted mouthguard as soon as feasible.

Upper teeth are protected from impact injuries with a bespoke sports guard. A football mouth guard, for example, protects your teeth and gums if you are attacked by a guy. A basketball mouth guard, on the other hand, protects your smile if another player raises their arms to grab a rebound and accidentally knocks you in the mouth.

Mouthguards can also be worn in non-contact sports, such as ice skating, where there is still a risk of injury. Our dentist will assist you in determining the finest mouth guard for your smile and the activities you enjoy. If you or your child wears braces, our dentist may design a mouth guard that covers both the top and lower teeth. A braces mouth guard prevents brackets and wires from cutting into your gums, cheeks, or tongue.

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